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ugh...i'm full of boogers today

i think we're gonna head downtown tonight for batfest.

i'm a coffee addict

school starts for me next week

tyler said something awesome yesterday. we went to a park that had a playground. As I was putting him in the car after we were done he burped and said,"I burped, all the playgrounding I did made me burp!"
think i'm starting to get sick again. probably because i went and played in the water with tyler the other day. me and water just do not get along. heh. oh well, i had a good long run of healthiness going there for awhile. just sucks because i was hoping to put in a solid bike ride on wednesday before i start school next week.

Aug. 16th, 2008

You think, when you buy a house, that the garage is for parking your car in...but, if you have a three year old your garage is actually for building miniature cities...

Complete with:

Airport with tower, terminal, huge parking lot and hangar to repair the aircraft (and a a heliport too)

Train that circles the airport and connects to the zoo, airport and city

Roadways that connect to the airport, city, zoo and train station

City with fire station, school, hospital and lots of houses

A river for the pirate boat to sail down to the beach with the treasure chest buried in the sand

A zoo full of animals
Wow...it's been a long time since I actually woke up at 5 in the morning. Working nights I've been awake at 5 am alot, but it's not the same as waking up at 5. This is going to take some getting used to. I didn't sleep good last night. Weird dreams. Oh well, guess all I can do is caffeinate myself and hope for the best. At least it's sunday. Sunday's are usually pretty mellow.

Aug. 2nd, 2008

I took the Yeti on an awesomely epic, three and a half hour ride yesterday on all the trails I could find. This included all the backtrails I knew off or had ever ridden plus one new section I hadn't ridden before. Lots of fun even though I ran out of water with a half hour left in the ride. 100 ounces of water equals about 3 hours of riding in 100 degree Texas heat if you're already well hydrated to begin with. The bike ran mostly great. I had problems with chain slap and it jumped off the chainrings a couple times. Took a couple more links out of the chain so that should take care of that problem. Handling wise, the neutral position I greated worked great. When I finished my ride I noticed that the saddle nose had dropped. I thought towards the end of the ride I had alot more pressure on my hands than in the beginning, but thought that was just due to fatigue. Readjusted that, and used some WD-40 on the bolt that holds it in place because I may have undertightened it originally because it was making squeaky noises and I didn't want it to snap off. It took me awhile to adjust to the handling of the bike. It's much different than either of my Cannondales. Not as quick steering, but rock solid at speed. The Yeti really rewards you for staying off the brakes and letting it roll. In technical sections at slow speeds it tends to bog down, but I did clean a rock garden section called "Dragon's Teeth" that I had never made it though before. On downhills it's a demon...as long as you let it roll. Climbing...it's like your're being towed up by a ski lift. Smooth and effortless.

Amber works today so it's just me and Tyler again. I asked him if he wanted to go to the park. He said no so we're getting stuff done around the house instead. We cleaned off the seashells from our beach trip, Tyler drew all over the garage floor with his giant chalk while I worked on my bike. I got laundry cleaning and drying, dishes washing, did some job searching, and I plan on doing some straightening up around the house. Stuff I've been putting off to go on all day epic bike rides :p
Took the Yeti for a test ride at the 'nut yesterday. Drivetrain was rock solid. No gear skipping anywhere. A little slow to downshift in the rear, but otherwise awesome. Ride position was a different story. My weight was too far forward over the handlebars, and I kept catching the rear wheel on things I never got caught on at the 'nut with Bubbles. When I got home I checked and compared to Bubbles...top tube length (the same at 22"), wheelbase (42.5 for Bubbles and 42 for the Yeti), and chainstay length (17.5 for Bubbles and 17 for the Yeti). With those numbers I figure there's no reason the Yeti should have been catching the rear tire. It's shorter than Bubbles. So, today I started checking and comparing set-up and found that the seat on the Yeti was way too far back compared to Bubbles (over an inch). I think this was the main reason I kept catching the rear wheel on roots yesterday. Put on my bike shoes and dropped a plumb line to confirm that my seat was behind the pedals, and found it was way back too. Moved the seat forward so now my knees are directly over(well actually slightly behind but pretty close) to the middle of the pedal axle. Doing this also made my stem to seat distance match Bubbles. I should note that I'm using Bubbles to set up position because 1) I've been riding Bubbles off-road for some time now and have the position on that bike perfected and 2) I can because the top tube length on both is exactly the same. Another thing I did was rotate my handlebars slightly forward which brought my overall position slighty up (riser bar) to relieve some tension from my hands/achieve a neutral riding position. Finally, I also adjusted the tilt of my saddle to bring up the nose slightly. I had it set up so the nose looked level, but found out that it's actually nose down in that position and I should try to achieve levelness on the wider part of the seat that you actually sit on. This also helped take weight off the front of the bike and achieve that neutral riding position. Oh, I also checked the pedal axle to top of seat distance on Bubbles (34.5") and matched the Yeti. This was approximately a 1/4" difference in height which is alot, but when I took it out for a test ride it felt perfect. When I got back to the house from my test ride I pulled out my crank bolts and put some loctite on them before reinstalling. I had forgotten to do this when I installed the cranks, and with square taper it's important to keep them from coming loose or you'll destroy the crankarms and the bottom bracket. Anyways, the Yeti is now perfectly set-up and ready for an off-road adventure tomorrow! :)

we were supposed to be heading down to Corpus Christi tonight to spend some time at the beach. Then the hurricane came. Yeah, the hurricane hit further south, and is weakening. But, I'm mostly worried about the flooding, tidal surge, power outages and possibility of tornadoes that still exist. Not to mention it's going to be off and on torrential downpours. The plus would be seeing mother nature in all her fury. A calm beach is nice, but a raging beach is awesome! Hmmm, decisions decisions.

From the Hutto Police Blotter

pay close attention to the last word...

"Case #: 08076653 Type: JUVENILE COMPLAINT Date/Time: 07/21/2008 13:50

Location: 300 BLK BALDWIN DR Loc. Zone:


An officer was dispatched to a complaint of two juveniles were entering yards and drinking water from the faucets on the exterior of the homes. The officer checked the area but was unable to locate the juveniles or the alligator."


1 tank of gas...401.1 miles...33.45 mpg!!!

I was, of course, aiming for 35 mpg but the trip to Waco actually brought my average down a little. Still, joining the 400 mile club is a good accomplishment, and I think 35 mpg might be hitting the upper ceiling of what the CR-V is capable of so not accomplishing that goal yet gives me something to shoot for :)

of course,the ultimate goal is to drive less and ride the bike more...