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Proud to be an American

Me and Amber stayed up last night to watch Barack Obama speak in Chicago. I actually started tearing up with pride while listening to him speak. Pride in our country for finally standing up and saying that we're tired of the "Same Old Shit", and we're not going to take it anymore. Proud that we can finally see beyond things like race and gender and just see the person. In this case a person who is youthful and energetic, hopeful, idealistic, not afraid of change, not afraid to challenge the status quo. Someone who seems morally sound, and can (hopefully) rise above all the scandalous behaviour in Washington and actually LEAD the country. Someone I think the people can, and will, stand behind and believe in. We need something to believe in right now. I went to bed thinking...we didn't just make a decision to make the United States a better place yesterday...we made a decision to make the world a better place too. I'll be the first to admit that the last 8 years under Bush were tortourous for me(even more so while I was still in the military and he was my "Commander in Chief). I just couldn't believe that we, as a country, could make such a huge mistake, not once, but twice. I'd lost all faith in the voting process, in our government, our president, our country. Recent events with the economy falling in the toilet and gas prices going through the roof made me really sad to see how easily Bush had destroyed a once great country in his 8 years in office. I thought it interesting that the only good thing people had to say about Bush was,"well we haven't been attacked again since 9/11". That's true, but one, he was president when 9/11 happened which means he let it happen in the first place, and two, with the way he ran the country into the ground we didn't need terrorists to attack us again. They just stood back and watched Bush "terrorize" his own country from within. When Obama came onto the scene and started his run for president I was excited, but guardedly optimistic. I had a feeling that he could be the one to help turn things around and clean up Bush's messes, but I wasn't sure if America was ready for him yet. I'm sorry that Tyler had to be born under a Bush presidency(which I think should forever be remembered as "The Great Mistake"), but excited about what the future may bring. I can think of no one else I'd rather have representing "We the People" than Obama. Thank you America, for getting it right.

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