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I really just can't believe Lance Armstrong is making a comeback. He says the decision was made after finishing second in the Leadville 100, but he had to have been a little bit inspired by Brett Favre's decision to un-retire too I think. I'm sure he can come back and be competetive, but if he has vision's of saving professional road racing from the rope it's hung itself on the past couple years...I don't know. Those kind of sour memories tend to stick in the brain far too long.

Me? I'm still sick. Strep throat, again. I was hoping to be on the downside of this thing by now, but it seems I'm still climbing the mountain. *sigh* I just have to remember not to over do it. I follow this same pattern over and over. I start feeling really good so I go out and do too much before my body is ready for it, or maybe while my body is in a down cycle and end up pushing past my limits and getting sick. One of these days I'm going to learn.

Looks like we may be seeing the remains of Hurricane Ike later this week. Looks like it's going to miss New Orleans and it's already past Florida so that's good. South Texas may be taking another hit though here soon. This has been a busy hurricane season!

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