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so...i'm sick again. the strep throat quick test came back negative, but the doctor said my sinuses and my throat were not looking too good so he gave me antibiotics anyways. i seem to put myself into these situations every couple months or so. lack of sleep, dehydration, too much coffee, overexertion with my body in a weakened state, and just generally not taking care of myself as well as i should are the main reasons. funny thing is, i usually know when i'm on the verge of getting sick and try to pull myself back. i did that last week successfully, but then over did it on my days off before my body was ready for it. so now i pay for it.

in other news...since i was sick today i watched the steelers game from yesterday in it's entirety(gotta love tivo), and it looks like the steelers are ready to play some football this year. they looked disciplined and they looked motivated. they were flying all over the field and played aggressively on both offense and defense. Another word that came to mind while watching them was confidence. There's alot of talent on their team, and if they play up to it they're going to go far this year. go steelers!

tom brady. as a person, i feel sorry for him. he went from almost the pinnacle of the sport as the quarterback of an undefeated team...to the lowest of lows as the quarterback who will miss the entire season on injured reserve. now the patriots as an organization. the lying, cheating, do anything to win at any cost patriots...i think they're finally getting what they deserve, and i don't feel sorry for them in the least.

i started classes online at aau again this week. photoshop and visualization. neither seems overly challenging so far, but i'm definitely going to continue learning and growing as a photographer as the semester rolls on. i have some many good ideas or concepts for photo shoots...i just hope i can find the time and resources necessary to bring them to life.

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